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Strategies for Implementing UCD in Your Course

Quick & Easy UCD Strategies

Strategies Requiring Technology

UCD Strategies--Requiring Technology: Instruction

  • Use a speech-to-text software to record your lectures, post it on a course website and have students do a search for key words in the document to find relevant text.
  • Email of post your notes on your course website either prior to or following the class. Let the students decide whether or not to download and print them.
  • Create PodCasts of your lectures for students to download. Post them on your class website after class.
  • Use a concept maps and graphic organizers to make the links between practicum and the class topics explicit and to depict the same written information in a different format.
  • Include tactile drawings, graphs and 3-D models, maps and diagrams (use glue gun to make raised drawings, place staples on a meter stick to label centimeters, Styrofoam and toothpicks to make molecular models).
  • Highlight and hyperlink words, concepts in digital texts to definitions and further explanation.
  • Show all video presentations with closed captioning on. Describe the video before playing it and summarize the visual components of it afterwards. For more information on closed captioning see this information in our UCD Tools section.
  • Provide a link to the video or at the very least a transcript of the video on a class website.
  • Use online or print journals for research and idea generations.
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