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Strategies for Implementing UCD in Your Course

Quick & Easy UCD Strategies

Strategies Requiring Technology

UCD Strategies--Quick & Easy: Instruction

  • Provide an agenda or flow chart at the beginning of class, highlighting the order of topics and connections, state the purpose.
  • Be specific and identify the topic of discussion, avoid pronouns. Speak slowly and signal clearly and frequently when making transitions.
  • Discuss the purpose of the presentation before you begin class, and at the end of the class for review.
  • Use essential questions to guide the class discussion and stop the class at key points to check in with student comprehension and engagement.
  • Scaffold the instructional content, and/or create multi-module content and materials, build on anticipated outcomes.
  • Seek personal experiences of students with the subject/topic and then integrate those experiences into the course.
  • Use case studies to highlight points throughout your course.
  • Use multi-sensory cues when instructing (e.g. "say it--show it--do it").
  • Describe all visual props (PowerPoint slides, graphs, maps, chart, etc.) orally while showing them.
  • Stop the class frequently and check in with the students to make sure that they understand the concepts, vary your instruction style if they are struggling.
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