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Strategies for Implementing UCD in Your Course

Quick & Easy UCD Strategies

Strategies Requiring Technology

UCD Strategies--Requiring Technology: Assessment

  • Give students opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge in alternative formats (presentations, papers, videos, newspaper articles, case-studies, photo essays, etc.).
  • Encourage students to do their final presentations in a medium that works best for their learning style, provide a rubric as a guide.
  • Encourage students to use technology as they develop the themes/ideas for their assignments (Concept map tools, spell checks, PowerPoints, digital cameras, etc.).
  • Assign students to conduct webquests around a topic that they are interested in that relates to the course.
  • Have students create informative topic specific websites--allow them to provide the information in a manner that works best for them.
  • Create and monitor online debates between groups. Use a web conferring tool, wikis, a blog or Skype. See more information on these tools.
  • Encourage students to include their notes and/or pictures in their lab reports.
  • Ask students to create course-related MP3 files to share with the rest of the class.
  • Provide online review sessions.
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