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UCD Strategies--Requiring Technology: Course Curriculum

  • Hold office hours in an accessible location or on-line through e-mail, chat rooms and video conferencing. Agree to be available by phone or email or chat room at a specific time each week.
  • Provide a list of places on and off campus that provide access to the necessary technology (brainstorm this list with your students).
  • Use text books that are available in digital format (books on tape, CD, online, etc.) include some websites where students can find this info.
  • Search for video clips on the internet (use key words as Mpeg, video clips or topic of interest in Google, iTunes, iUniversity and YouTube).
  • Provide links to relevant Podcasts, video clips and additional websites for your class on your class website.
  • Incorporate charts, diagrams, graphic representation, maps, digital photos, videos, case studies, online journals, etc.
  • Use photos as comparison points and to demonstrate processes. Describe photos as you discuss them. To find out how to compress a photo for ease of use, see various software in UCD Tools section.
  • Use different types of media (e.g., video, guest lectures, graphic models, hands-on-experience).
  • Make sure that all of your PowerPoints are universally designed (for more information on how to do this, go to: www.eeonline.org).
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