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Strategies for Building a New Core Team

A UCD Core Team is one of the keys to sustain UCD on a college campus. Informing faculty about UCD is often helpful, but unless they have a peer support network to go to as they learn about and begin incorporating UCD into their work rarely will UCD be fully embedded on a college campus. The UCD Core Team has changed that. Below, we have provided you with the basic steps that you can take to create a successful UCD Core Team.

For more information and responses to these FAQs follow the link below:

  1. Who should be on the team?
  2. How is the team trained?
  3. What are the responsibilities of the team?
  4. How can the team recruit faculty?
  5. What is the role of Faculty on the UCD Core Team?
  6. How do you sustain the team?

Strategies for Building a UCD Core Team. (A brief multimedia presentation; Flash required).

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