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Software (part 3)

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Tool Primary Use/ Advantages Example of use by instructors/ students
Text-to-Symbol and sign language software

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Text-to-symbol software allows you to type words with the options of having picture symbols appear with each word.
Instructors use the text-to-symbol software to outline steps in a process, to further illustrate a point and to increase access to the information for visual learners.

Students use the software to demonstrate their knowledge of a process, the relationship between concepts and to illustrate their learned knowledge.

Writing with Symbols 2000
Pix Writer & Picture It
Clicker 5
The Universal Reader 4 (PC)
Sign Smith Studio
Personal Communicator
Liberated Learning

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Liberated Learning is an international consortium of lead organizations, working together to advance speech recognition technology and techniques to create barrier-free learning environments where all learners have equal access to information.
Liberated Learning is founded on two interrelated applications:
  • Using speech recognition technology to automatically transcribe spoken language and display it as readable text.
  • Using speech recognition to produce accessible, multimedia notes.


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