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Tool Primary Use/ Advantages Example of use by instructors/ students
Sony Soloist

Sony Soloist

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With Soloist software, students can listen to digital audio and video programs while simultaneously recording their own voices.

Soloist software supports multiple audio and video file formats including digital audio for listening and speaking exercises; MIDI music files; text files for reading, writing, translation, or pronunciation practice; HTML documents for Internet materials; and still images and digital video.

Instructors have used Sony Soloist to create or edit one-of-a-kind audio lessons with dialogue or music that may be on audiotape, CDs, or from the Internet. Language instructors have used the "text editor" feature to create reading and writing exercises incorporating words and pictures.

Theater students have used the Sony Soloist to practice their lines. Journalism students have used the Sony Soloist to interview people and report their findings to their instructor.




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This website contains over 25,000 audible books that can be downloaded to your computer, iPod or a CD at anytime.
Instructors have referred students to the many scholarly journals featured on this website to supplement their instruction.

Students can search this website to see if their text is available in digital format.
MusicNotes Player and Viewer

MusicNotes Player and Viewer

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MusicNotes Player and Viewer plays sheet music on your computer while highlighting the notes as the music is played. The user can adjust the volume, speed and sections to be played.
Instructors teaching music-based courses can use the MusicNotes software to highlight certain aspects of a song, to demonstrate how it should be played without requiring an entire orchestra.

Students can use the software to learn about music compensation, sound and notes. It can guide students in the learning and creating process.


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