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Tool Primary Use/ Advantages Example of use by instructors/ students
Digital voice recorder

Digital Voice Recorder

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A digital voice recorder is a great and easy-to-use tool that allows you to transfer sound files to the computer. The use of audio in a classroom appeals to the auditory learner.
Instructors might use a digital voice recorder before class to capture a particular sound or speech to play for their students. Another use is to record the lecture or class discussion to recall exactly where he/she left off.

If the instructor posts the audio file of his/her lecture/class discussion on the course website, students can use the file to study for an exam and go over any missed material.
USB Computer headset (Platronics)

USB Computer headset (Platronics)

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Platronics DSP-400 headset has an ultra-sensitive, digitally-enhanced noise-canceling microphone. It also has digitally-enhanced full-range stereo sound.
Instructors can use the Plantronics headset to record their lectures and labs while giving them. If instructors use Microsoft Word 2003 or another speech to text software their entire lecture can be recorded and transcribed for students to access later on.

Students can use the Plantronics headset to record papers which can be converted to text, to record study points for iPods and other MP3 players and to record course projects.
Shure Mic

USB Computer headset (Platronics)

Shure Mic is a wireless microphone.
Instructors can use this wireless microphone to make their courses more universally designed. Used in conjunction with a voice recognition system, shure mic allows students the flexibility of hearing and reading what an instructor is saying.
Bluetooth Wireless Microphone

Bluetooth Wireless Microphone

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Bluetooth wireless microphones works well with Dragon Naturally Speaking and other voice recognition software.
Bluetooth eliminates the wire and cumbersome headset that an instructor would have to wear while lecturing if he/she wanted to record and caption their lecture.
MP3 Players



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MP3 players allow anywhere, anytime access to speeches, audiobooks, and lectures. They also store photos, videos and podcasts to expanded teaching possibilities.

MP3 players can be easily connected to a computer so you can sync, download or upload files.
Students can create slideshows, soundtracks, and movie projects using iPhoto, iMovie HD, and QuickTime, organize and store them using iTunes, and access them or present them anywhere.

Transfer text-based information to your MP3 player and read it onscreen. With the notes reader, news articles and classroom notes can be right at hand. You can even link audio files and notes files for enhanced audio/visual learning, and podcasts allow students to subscribe to text, audio, and video curriculum materials right out of iTunes.


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