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Computer-based presentation hardware and software

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Tool Primary Use/ Advantages Example of use by instructors/ students

Laptops can be used in the classroom to run presentations, videos, record audio and data. The advantage of a laptop is its portability and universality.
Laptops are great for PowerPoint presentations, Internet use, Excel spreadsheets, outlining course lectures, film clips, audio clips, photos, lab examples and more. When you add software to your computer a classroom becomes instantly interactive.

Instructors have also asked a students to take notes on their laptops and then in their class to take notes on their laptop posted them online for everyone in the class to access.
Portable Word Processor
(e.g. AlphaSmart 3000, Neo and Dana)

Portable Word Processor

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Instructors may choose to use a portable word processor as opposed to a laptop because it is less expensive, lighter and more durable than a laptop. Some models also contain a database and calculator feature. You can beam/send text directly to a computer, Inspiration or Co:Writer
The advantage to this type of note-taking is that once the notes are recorded, they are easily manipulated (i.e., making the font larger, sharing the notes, posting the notes on the course website)

Students can use the portable word processor to take notes as well and post them on the course website or email those notes to each other's computer. Discussion groups can record their notes and beam them to the instructor's computer. Students can also create spreadsheets right in the classroom or to record information.


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