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Software (part 2)

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Tool Primary Use/ Advantages Example of use by instructors/ students
Text-to-Audio Software

(see example column for specific examples/websites)
Text-to-Audio software converts text files to audio files that can then be played back on the computer, a PDA (such as a Palm), or MP3 player (such as an iPod).
Instructors can used these software programs to convert their course texts into audio files, which increases access for all students.

Students are listening to their course texts during commutes to school, waking across campus, exercise, etc.

iSpeak It (Mac)
Text-to-Audio (PC)
Text Aloud MP3 (PC)
Kurzweil 3000 (PC & Mac)
Read & Write Gold (voice recognition)
Dragon Naturally Speaking (speech recognition)
iListen (voice recognition for Mac)
Word/Speak Q (voice recognition for PC)
PDF Aloud (free demo)
ReaderWorks Standard 2.0 (free demo)
AT&T Natural Voices
Screen Readers

Screen Reader Picture

(see example column for specific examples/websites)
Screen readers provide an audio soundtrack of any text document or program. Users can often choose the type of voice that they'd like to listen to, the speed at which it reads and control starting and stopping the audio.
Instructors might use screen readers to highlight important concepts in journal articles, online sites, etc. while teaching.

Students might use screen readers in group work to highlight their work, scan documents and create group projects. It is also a good individual tool, especially for students trying to learn a different language.

ScreenReaders4 (PC)
Hear-It (Mac)
The Universal Reader 4 (PC)
Read & Write Gold (PC & Mac)
SOLO (allows you to read websites and take notes at the same time)
Language Translation Software


(see example column for specific examples/websites)
This software allows you to translate words and information from one language to another.
This software is particularly helpful for students learning the primary language used in your class. It is also helpful for you as an instructor to learn the equal terms and phrases of a concept in the students primary language to help them better understand the material. These type of software is also heavily used in language classes.

(all of the software listed is free)



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