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Computer-based presentation hardware and software (part 4)

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Tool Primary Use/ Advantages Example of use by instructors/ students
Macromedia Breeze

Macromedia Breeze

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Breeze lets you easily deliver rich web experiences for distance learning, professional development, and on-demand collaboration using PowerPoint as a framework.

Breeze also has an online component, allowing for conferencing and sharing materials online, great for distance education.
Instructors have used Breeze to give students more control in their learning. Professors have set up multiple choice quizzes, tutorials, and inquisitive learning projects with Breeze.

Students also use Breeze to put together multi-media projects.

Breeze is a great distance education tool because of the multi-media tools that can be incorporated into an easily accessible presentation.


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Teknimedia's courses teach essential computer and Internet skills to novice through intermediate-level users.

The courses include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet and e-mail.
Instructors are using Teknimedia to help students taking distance education course increase their own computer skills.

Teknimedia is also being used in postsecondary environments to help students fulfill state technology requirements.


BugMe! Notepad is a media-rich notepad, with powerful productivity and communications capabilities.
Take notes in your own handwriting or with text. Jot quick notes as you go. Make a quick sketch, import a photo or map, or just have a little doodle.

BugMe! Notepad captures what you draw directly on your handheld's screen, making note taking fast, easy and accurate.

Useful for both students and instructors.
Captivate 2
Macromedia Captivate

Captivate II

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Adobe Captivate is a rapid e-learning authoring tool that makes it easy for anyone to produce compelling learning experiences.
Instructors with little or no technical skills can use Adobe Captivate to quickly create engaging e-learning content such as interactive simulations that invite learners to complete certain tasks, simple software demonstrations, or scenario-based training with branching and quizzes to practice realistic sequences of events or test knowledge.

The final result can be output to the popular Flash format for easy online distribution, exported as a narration in the MP3 format for podcasting, or printed for use as a handout or teaching aid.


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