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Computer-based presentation hardware and software (part 3)

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Tool Primary Use/ Advantages Example of use by instructors/ students
Bluetooth Wireless Drawing Tablets
(e.g. Wacom and Aiptek)

WayCom Digital Drawing Tablets

(see example column for specific examples/websites)
Wireless tablets allow you to essentially draw, mark-up and write on your computer screen. You can also take a screenshot of your computer, put an overlay map on the tablet and then run your computer from the tablet. Tablets are compatible with photo shop, Word, PowerPoint and websites. Mark up these documents as you teach and save your edits for future classes or review.
Faculty are using tablets to record class notes and discussion questions and points. Tablets will store each page that you have written on so that faculty can upload them to a class website or e-mail to students.

Students like the freedom of not having to take notes and the ability to play the entire class back in digital and audio format at a later time.

Wacom-- www.wacom.com
Aiptek-- www.aiptek.com
USB Flash drive

USB Flash drive
A USB flash drive is a small portable storage device that allow you to carry documents from computer to computer without having to carry the full computer. It works similarly to a disk or CD. You can store audio.

These can be purchased in various sizes and can be found at Staples, Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.
Faculty can use USB Flash drives to create a presentation at home or in their office and then carry it to the computer in the classroom that they are teaching in.

Students can use it for similar purposes. They can also use it to "carry" a paper to class and transfer it directly to their instructor's computer, to get information off the instructor's computer, to bring a presentation to class and to share documents with their peers.
Compact USB Card Reader/Writer For SD, Mini SD, MMC, RS-MMC, T-Flash

Compact USB Card Reader/Write
Allows you to transfer the data in your digital device (digital camera, PDA, or MP3) directly to your computer without having to connect your digital device directly. Simply plug it into USB port. Plug and Play device. Hot-Swappable. LED Indicator. Compatible with USB 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0. Works with Windows 98/2000/XP, Linux 2.4 and Mac OS 9.0 or above.
The Compact USB card enables the instructor to read students work presented using various storage devices.

Students can bring one of these to class and connect directly to the instructor's computer, download the class materials and take it to their own computer at their convenience. Great for faculty who do not use class websites because it still allows students access to the materials in digital format.

PowerPoint is a great tool for organizing your notes, stating the direction of a particular class and capturing the interests of visual and auditory learners.

PowerPoint also has a wide array of multi-media capabilities including inserting and playing a video, audio files, linking to sites on the web-site, showcasing graphs and tables and emphasizing items with color and font.
PowerPoint can be used to organize the structure and timeline of a class, to orient students to a particular topic through scaffolding, pose questions for the class to consider and to highlight main themes of the discussion.


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